Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome, 2012!

2011 is well and truly over and I feel I've achieved so much in the past 12 months. My main achievement has been the little beginnings of Dearest Jackdaw as a business and watching it grow month by month. I'm really excited about what 2012 has to offer for both myself and Dearest Jackdaw, I'm just itching to get on and do so many things!

I'm definitely not one for new years resolutions, as I mentioned in my last post I always seem to fail them. But I do want to achieve some little things this year which shouldn't be too difficult - here they are:
  • Explore the United Kingdom
  • Keep a journal
  • Take more photos
  • Shoot at LEAST 3 personal photo stories
  • Discover amazing music and art
  • Blog more
  • Organise my studio

Here's to 2012 ♥ Below is a photo of mine from each month of 2011. Enjoy!
January 2011
Freezing cold product photo shoot in the woods with the beautiful Rachael Holmes

February 2011
Playing with the photographic technique TTV and my vintage china.

March 2011
Murky quiet walk with M through Petworth Park amongst the deer.

 April 2011
Picnic with H above the clouds in Surrey during our adventure to find our Great Grandfathers grave.

May 2011
H during our walk down to Winspit quarry, Dorset.

 June 2011
Sat on the patio in our little holiday home in Dorset folding paper butterflies listening to Daughter.

July 2011
Following the ponies after getting lost coming off the path in the New Forest.

August 2011
T holding his fete tickets at a family friends 50th Birthday party.
September 2011
Hot air balloon taking off in the park where I grew up playing. Fernhurst, West Sussex.

October 2011
Branston Hall, Lincoln - Host to a special family wedding.

November 2011
First big fair of the season, The Rare Brand Market - Goodwood Racecourse.

December 2011
Christmas Day, Bognor Regis.

Bye Bye 2011, it was fun while it lasted ♥

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  1. Love all the photos, you are a really good photographer!


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