Tuesday, 31 May 2011

30 days of creativity

After reading Becky Button's blog post, I have officially pledged to @createstuff that for each day of June I will create 'something'! As scary as it sounds, I'm actually pretty excited to see what I come up with! Particularly on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd when I won't be at home and have to pack light, I will be creating on-the-move so that should prove to be rather umm.. interesting! I'll need a serious plan of action for these three days but for the rest of the month I'm hoping to just go with the flow and am really excited to see what I come up with!

Why not jump on the bandwagon and join in with #30daysofcreativity? Take a look at the website to find out more about it and how to get involved and if like me you are a little skeptical/scared, Here are 30 reasons to participate. 

Good luck! Let me know if you're joining me! ♥

Thursday, 26 May 2011

I feel pretty, oh so pretty . .

Just the teeniest post today. There's nothing quite like finding out you've been included in a beautiful treasury on etsy. So I was amazingly excited today to find out that not one, but both of my shops have been featured in this wonderful treasury featuring lovely and talented UK etsians, curated by the equally talented Pretty Stitched Up.

Now, who wants to buy me the entire collection?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Interlude . .

Hello - I've gone quiet, haven't I..? 
NOT FOR LONG! Exciting news because you can now find me and the blog at DearestJackdaw.com!  - (although, if you are reading the blog, it means you are already here!)

In the coming weeks my blog will see a big makeover (you may have noticed the little tabs at the top of the screen that take you over to my online stores, tutorial section etc!). I will be adding more sections so that those of you who are interested in what I've got to say can find it much easier. If there's anything you would particularly like to see then please do let me know!

I've been a busy bee making bits and pieces for the shop, in fact I've been snapping some stock photos this afternoon! The newest addition to Jackdaw Boutique is this sweet silk wrap bracelet with butterfly fastening! Do you like it?

Next on my 'list of things-to-do' is create a logo and get my 'about me' section up (right after I have a cup of tea) so, more updates soon! What have you all been up to? ♥

Monday, 2 May 2011

Launch of Jackdaw Boutique Gift Shop!

That's correct, I'm super happy to announce that my Boutique Store is now officially open! Listed so far are just a few bits and pieces whilst I prepare and photograph more stock, and I will be updating my items throughout the next week! 

Would you like to know a little bit about how Dearest Jackdaw was born, whilst we're on the subject?.. Yes? OK!

When I decided I wanted a little shop of my own I spent weeks trying to think of the perfect name, everything I wrote down seemed either too cliché, too tacky, unmemorable, unrelated or sounded fine but didn't get me excited about the whole thing. I was getting really frustrated about it as I just wanted to get on with things but without a name, what can you do? 

Just as I felt I had fallen at the first hurdle, whilst clearing out some old boxes I came across an old business card and all of a sudden I was lucky enough to have one of those flashy light bulb eureka moments!

Many many moons ago (well, approximately 'my lifetime, and then some' which is becoming many more moons with each and every year that passes!) my beautiful Grandmother Pamela (who I mentioned in my Easter blog post) was the proud owner of a little antique shop in Haslemere called "The Jackdaw Antiques". It was her business card that I'd gotten my little paws on and all of a sudden everything fell into place!

I scribbled everything down on scraps of paper until I was satisfied with the name Jackdaw Boutique. Of course this has now evolved into Dearest Jackdaw, with Jackdaw Boutique and What the Jackdaw Saw being my little stores branching off of the blog containing a selection of gifts, treats, and fine art imagery.

♥The End♥
(for now..)

Antique Edwardian scrapbook giveaway winner announced!

It's that time again. Time has flown by and April has vanished into the past already! Time to announce the lucky winner of my treasured antique Edwardian scrapbook!

And the winner is.. *Drumroll*.. Rebecca of Cauliflower Cupcake Scrappin' Designs! Congratulations Rebecca! Please email over your address to DearestJackdaw@googlemail.com so I can get this in the post to you ASAP! 
Until next time ♥