Saturday, 21 May 2011

Interlude . .

Hello - I've gone quiet, haven't I..? 
NOT FOR LONG! Exciting news because you can now find me and the blog at!  - (although, if you are reading the blog, it means you are already here!)

In the coming weeks my blog will see a big makeover (you may have noticed the little tabs at the top of the screen that take you over to my online stores, tutorial section etc!). I will be adding more sections so that those of you who are interested in what I've got to say can find it much easier. If there's anything you would particularly like to see then please do let me know!

I've been a busy bee making bits and pieces for the shop, in fact I've been snapping some stock photos this afternoon! The newest addition to Jackdaw Boutique is this sweet silk wrap bracelet with butterfly fastening! Do you like it?

Next on my 'list of things-to-do' is create a logo and get my 'about me' section up (right after I have a cup of tea) so, more updates soon! What have you all been up to? ♥


  1. what a beautiful bracelet.
    hope you enjoyed the well deserved cup of tea!
    j x

  2. Hi Jooles! Thank you so much! I enjoyed the tea alright (I have another cup infront of me now..) :) x


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