Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year, New Stuff

Wow ok, 2012 whizzed right by without even stopping, did anyone see where it went? As usual, in typical 'me' style, not only is my New Year blog post a week late but also my 2012 New Year goals were swept away when life took over. Here they are in all their un-finished glory and underneath, whether I achieved them or not:
  • Explore the United Kingdom
    Nope - This makes me sad.
  • Keep a journal
    Nope (although I have acquired numerous pretty books with the intention of using them as a journal so the thought was there).
  • Take more photos
    Nope. Wait a minute, does photographing stock count? No? Then nope.
  • Shoot at LEAST 3 personal photo stories
    First thoughts, nope. Then I looked at my flickr and YES! BIG FAT CHECK. Thanks to Caroline, Lizzie, Francesca and Fru.
  • Discover amazing music and art
    Music, yes. Art, not so much.
  • Blog more
    Nope, only half of the previous year's total, this makes me sad too!
  • Organise my studio
    For a short while it looked beautiful! Not so much any more. So - Nope.
Other than these little mainly-non-goal-achieving-set-backs, what DID 2012 bring? Well now. Three house moves? yes. New 'other' job? Yes (and I love it). Road-tripping to the South of France? Yes. Holiday in Devon? Yes. Christmas in Dorset? Yes. It has been a rather busy and stressful year I'll admit, we seemed to be moving home every couple of months and I can't quite figure out whether this is funny or not (most probably not) as my brain is all fuddled with moving in-out-in-out of places so many times over two years (yes, we moved more the previous year too), but we've ended up right back in the same home that we left back in 2011! Living out of a suitcase and boxes isn't too bad but it'll be nice to finally unpack for the last time until we find the perfect place and BUY it!

Anyway, this year I'm not going to set goals, resolutions or any of that sort of thing as they don't seem to work for me! Instead I'm just going to write a nice list of 'things' that I can look to for inspiration to get stuff done (yes that's sort of a list of goals but if I don't call them goals then I can pretend they're not goals - ok?).
  • File tax return - this one's always fun
  • Be Healthy - sort of easy
  • Be Happy - always easy
  • Say hello to old faces and new - yes please
  • Try to blog at least once per week - feature post, photo post, tutorial post go go go.
  • STOP buying new fabrics and use the ones you've got - this is a biggie!
  • De-Stash (as a result of the above) 
  • Do not move again for at LEAST 12 months
  • Shoot some pretty photos!
January has been a busy one so far and as a result I've had to take my made to order books out of the shop to allow myself the time to get other stuff done, they kept me super busy in the run up to Christmas - so busy in fact that I'm nearly out of the lovely leather I'd been using so I may need a totally new best-seller all together!  Ooh what'll it beee WHAT'LL IT BEEEE?
I've put a bunch of cool stuff into the sale here, there is a lovely 20-50% off selected items. 
Once I've crunched some numbers I'll be preparing new designs ready for spring, totally can't wait. 

Happy 2013 ♥