Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beautifully Tattered, and Gratefully received!

Remember my post back in May about the super-secret dress I was making for someone super-special? Well I finally finished it, and she received the dress yesterday and is SO happy with it, which makes me amazingly happy - and THAT means that I can now post pictures for you all to see!

The entire dress consists of both new and vintage materials. There's some really old lace mixed up in there that is so, so delicate. Also some hand-crocheted lace that my great-grandmother made herself. There are vintage doilies, shreaded silk, vintage buttons, scarves, ribbons.. I tea-stained a lot of the materials so they all went really beautifully together.

First up, a little self portrait I shot when the dress was 'in-progress'. I couldn't bear to send it off without taking a few little photos to remember it by!

17/52 I can fly, can you?

And of course, some standard shots of the finished garment:
(I left the straps pinned like that so she can choose whether to have a halter-top or 'normal' straps)

And some close-ups:

Soon I will show the simply AMAZING dress that I received in return. Honestly.. it's stunning, I've never had anything so beautiful in my wardrobe :)

Enjoy ♥