Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beautifully Tattered, and Gratefully received!

Remember my post back in May about the super-secret dress I was making for someone super-special? Well I finally finished it, and she received the dress yesterday and is SO happy with it, which makes me amazingly happy - and THAT means that I can now post pictures for you all to see!

The entire dress consists of both new and vintage materials. There's some really old lace mixed up in there that is so, so delicate. Also some hand-crocheted lace that my great-grandmother made herself. There are vintage doilies, shreaded silk, vintage buttons, scarves, ribbons.. I tea-stained a lot of the materials so they all went really beautifully together.

First up, a little self portrait I shot when the dress was 'in-progress'. I couldn't bear to send it off without taking a few little photos to remember it by!

17/52 I can fly, can you?

And of course, some standard shots of the finished garment:
(I left the straps pinned like that so she can choose whether to have a halter-top or 'normal' straps)

And some close-ups:

Soon I will show the simply AMAZING dress that I received in return. Honestly.. it's stunning, I've never had anything so beautiful in my wardrobe :)

Enjoy ♥


  1. Simply beautiful!

    I'm also curious about how you did that first shot! Wow! :D

  2. Thank you guys :)

    Troublet, it's the art of levitation don't you know?

    It's quite a simple technique. Two photos, one of the background and one of me against the background perching atop a piece of furniture or something sturdy (not like the wobbly step-ladder that I used)! Mmerge the two photos together using preferred image editing software and remove bits you don't want with bits you do want.


  3. Wow... saying anything less doesn't do it justice!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Love the button detail, but then again, I am am addicted to using buttons on everything! I must say, I think the dress you made is quite as lovely as the one you received in return, you should be very proud!

  5. Love both dresses you're both amazingly talented!!And I love this blog, very interesting :) I am now a follower!

    Dee x (Zukiestyle)

  6. Thank you everyone, and Thank you Dee, I'm a follower of your blog now too, great products! <3

  7. this is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning work! =)

  8. Look at all that work on this fabulous dress and you both were it so well!
    Hope y'all have fun at the ball!

  9. Oh my gosh, the detail on that dress is amazing, of course she loved it! Thank you so much for showing us and I am just sure with that dress, she will be the Belle of the ball!


  10. Love this. I love all of the different materials and the buttons really make this dress.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. This is truly wearable art. Stunning!

  12. The tattered dress is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


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