Sunday, 30 November 2014

Natfly in Autumn

Natfly in Autumn
We did it again. Natalie & I went out to shoot one thing and then this happened..
I felt compelled to do some composite work after being inspired by one of Brooke Shaden's workshops that I've seen numerous times on Creative Live (if you've not heard of Creative Live before I URGE you to check it out!). Composite work isn't new to me, but it can be time consuming. In my college days I would spend hours on just one image and found it really therapeutic. Watching a few photographs turn into art over the course of the edit for me was magical but it's not something I can justify using the time for anymore.. why. is. that? This image combines only around 6 or 7 images and was a fairly straight forward edit. We shot it on a total whim whilst setting up a different shot all together and I love the result.

Here's a lil'shot of me that Nat took from the same session. Autumn is so pretty.
Image ©Natalie Miller