Monday, 30 January 2012

Dearest Jackdaw HQ

I snapped some shots of the studio today whilst it was still tidy! It's been a work in progress over the past couple of months but it's slowly getting there. If you click on the panoramic image it'll open in a new page with notes over the top for those of you as curious as me! ♥
Dearest Jackdaw HQ

 And my favourite little bits / places / details close up ♥
Harriet Gray illustration behind butterfly taxidermy terrarium
Scribbles from my fashion design days
Brian Froud's Squashed Fairies
Vintage lace box
My handbound 'hello' notebook and favourite pen!
Books books books. The doll was made for me by the lovely Cassadee ♥
Just wanted to get a shot of that dress in again!
And finally, the reason for naming my business Dearest Jackdaw. My late grandmothers business card from 20+ years ago - found at the bottom of a box during a moment of frustration in not being able to think of a name. That's her smile in the bakground ♥


  1. Such a beautiful and inspiring workspace. The story of "Jackdaw" is absolutely lovely.

  2. Ooh, looks lovely and calm and definitely inspiring. In fact, you've inspired me to sort out my craft room (again)! :)

  3. Thanks ladies :) I'm so happy I ended with that name. I can't imagine anything else!

    Becki, if you manage to sort ot out - make sure you blog about it before it gets messy again (like mine is now!)

  4. I love this post <3 It's always good to have a nose around other people's crafting spaces - love the version with all the notes :D The story of how you chose Dearest Jackdaw really made me smile :) x

  5. Your studio is gorgeous! I'm currently planning out on my own studio's design too, and I love your idea of having a couch in there. And of course like Lily Labyrinth, I couldn't stop smiling at the end too :-)


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