Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bookbinding - New found Love

Hello everyone! Sorry for the awful silence from me, Christmas fairs sort of momentarily took over my life for a while but I'm back and so very excited for 2012! I've had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones and have been well and truly spoilt rotten. 

Have you had a nice Christmas? Looking forward to the new year? I must write my resolutions but I'm always so worried I'll fail half of them! Anyway, until my 'NY resolution/bye bye 2011 post, I thought I'd flash you a few piccies of my newest venture - Bookbinding! 

I've been teaching myself how to bind books for a couple of months now using books, tutorials, videos, and trial and error, and I'm completely and utterly in love! There's something so captivating about it, how each and every one can be personalised in so many different ways. The leather I've used for the books you see in this post have been made using reclaimed leather, the pages are a beautiful smooth ivory 160gsm cardstock and they are bound with linen thread.
These went down a storm this Christmas and they are proving to be particularly popular online, I started off binding little pocket journals into leather to get the general idea, and then moved on to full journals and sketchbooks.
I've even been testing out hand embroidering onto small leather swatches to add sweet little touches like this one. 
And then when I was left over with lots of leather scraps, I thought I'd make some book jewellery too!
You can view the journal section of my etsy store here, which I'm hoping to fill with beautiful work in 2012. And for the jewels, well they can be found here.
Ooh, and here's a picture of my kitty, Tigger. I was photographing new stock for my etsy store yesterday and she casually strolled in looking all cute and fluffy, I snapped a quick picture before she sulked off!


  1. Love love love the books. I saw Kirstie Allsop doing some bookbinding on tv and would love to have a go myself, but I don't think I have the time with starting back at work in January to try all the things I want to do and spend time with my little boy & make jewellery.

    I can see why they sell so well.

  2. Very clever and quite beautiful. You must be so proud knowing the things you make will be treasured and appreciated.

  3. These books are so beautiful! I really like how you have embroidered the books - such a great idea! I am making my first forays into the world of bookbinding and will definitely keep hand embroidering in mind!
    Amazing books! :)

  4. The books are amazing, I would love to try this one day too. I always have fantasises about keeping a journal but int never happens .)


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