Sunday, 26 June 2011

I ♥ Bunting.

Sweet, simple, lovely wooden and vintage lace bunting necklace. I LOVE this, so so much! The laser cut flags were a gift from the wonderful Becky Button, and I pieced them together one evening not long ago. I'm becoming ridiculously obsessed with bunting. What with the bunting note cards I made earlier this month, I even made another bunting related craft for my 30 days of creativity which I'll be sure to blog about soon!


  1. That's so pretty, I love bunting too, it always looks friendly and happy :o)

    Jan x

  2. So pretty! What a clever use for those flags. I heart bunting too :).

  3. Hurrah, they look lovely! :D

  4. Thank you lovelies! I think bunting should be a mandatory requirement. No bunting? no cookies. ♥


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