Sunday, 5 June 2011

A photo of a photo of a photo.

The first day of my '30 days of creativity' was a tricky one. After working in the morning I had to run to the train station with a little hold-all filled with all my essentials and hopped on a train to Wareham, Dorset for a mini-break with my family. This meant that I had to pack light and I deliberately chose not to pack anything specifically to 'do', but gave myself the task of improvising for day one, two and three of the project to keep me thinking on my feet.

Fine, I thought - without giving a second thought as to just how much 'stuff' we were going to be doing in Dorset (I'd even been down there the weekend before so should have already known I'd need a plan what with all the 'stuff' we were busy filling the days with then, too)! The only chance we all had time to sit down was when we got back to the house in the evening to have dinner, and then passed out on the sofa for a bit until we were all so tired we had to go to bed!
I tried to do some drawing to begin with. I was sketching a cheeky looking pony with it's tongue poking out, using reference from a photograph I'd taken earlier in the day via my camera's LCD screen. Not ideal, I know but it was the best I could do!

It'd been so long since I'd actually picked up a pencil with the intention of sketching something half decent looking that I'd forgotten just why I hadn't done so. After about an hour I remembered how rubbish I consider my drawings to be so scrapped that and started from square one again giving myself approximately 30 minutes before midnight. Panic panic panic..

I glanced around the empty looking holiday home desperate for some inspiration but there was none. Time was ticking and I felt like I'd not only failed, but failed on the FIRST DAY. *sigh*. I decided that maybe it was time for bed so I went to brush my teeth and remember thinking how stupid it was that the bathroom door had a huge sheet of frosted glass in it. I mean, how is one supposed to get on with their bathroom business when the whole house can peer through? I was grumpy enough at 'failing' day one and the frosted glass topped it off. Stupid frosted glass. hmph. Frosted glass? OOH FROSTED GLASS! 

*lightbulb moment*

Now, I hadn't taken any self portraits for a very, very long time which is a shame as I used to love doing them but for some reason I just.. stopped. But with just 20 minutes left I needed to think fast. I grabbed a torch, set my camera up on a tripod, got behind that silly frosted glass with my wireless remote and shut the door behind me. 30 photos later and lots of running back and forth to check exposures and composition and I had a group of photos I was happy with. By then all I had to do was get it edited and online. Oh, right.. I don't own a laptop and I'd forgotten to pack my PC in my 'pack light hold-all' before I left home. Hmm.. 

It was a case of photographing the camera's LCD screen using my iPhone and using an app my lovely Cousin introduced me to to process it and get it online. All done and finished in super quick time, at approximately 23:59PM I uploaded my creation to Pinterest.

I know it could have been better, but I was restricted to the tools I had available and used them to the (almost) best of my ability in the short amount of time I had left myself. Once I've got a chance to sit down properly I'll edit a few of the other images I shot that night and upload them here.

I then passed out in bed. 



  1. Love this! Great idea :)

    I lol'd when you said you'd "forgotten to pack my PC in my 'pack light hold-all' before I left home", I had a vision of you with a big computer stack, monitor, keyboard, mouse and all spilling out of the top of a little holdall :D

  2. @BeckyButton Thanks! It's true though.. if only it were a little more compact.. Things would've been sooo much easier if I had my trusty PC! :)


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