Saturday, 2 October 2010

A Giveaway, Jackdaw?

I am awaiting my 50th follower so I can give something back to all of my lovely followers.

Giveaway goodies will include but are certainly not limited to:

* Antique Edwardian scrapbook
* Vintage sewing patterns
* Jackdaw Boutique pouch
* Destash items

I'm just 6 followers away! Come and say hello. Leave a comment on one of my posts..

24/52 - Drifter



  1. Love your blog, please stop by mine sometime. x

  2. Hi, Just discovered your blog - it's lovely! Have had a look at some of your stuff too, really good, loving it. (found you via the craft forum by the way). Kerry

  3. Just found you via the crafts forum. I love your photos, so dreamlike!

  4. Discovered your lovely blog through the Craft Forum. Fabulous stuff and a great blog! Looks like you have exceeded your followers limit well done youx

    Cheryl aka befascinated xxx

  5. found you from craft forum. love your blog and the image is beautiful! Louise x

  6. I absolutely LOVE your creativity!!! This is one blog i'll be checking in on a lot!! :)


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