Monday, 11 October 2010


Ok guys, it's giveaway time (Dearest Jackdaw's first EVER giveaway, to be precise!) and I'm going to kick things off with this pretty little pouch by Jackdaw Boutique! See my post on these here for great ideas on how they can be used.

"But.. How do I enter?"
Easy - Leave a comment & follow either here, facebook or twitter mentioning how you would use the pouch if you won the giveaway, it's as simple as that!

"But how many entries am I allowed?"
Like + comment on facebook = 1 entry
Follow + tweet me on twitter = 1 entry
Follow + comment on the blog = 1 entry
Retweet = 1 entry
Feature the giveaway on your blog = 5 entries

Good luck!! ♥

*The giveaway is available worldwide.
*Giveaway will close at 23:59 GMT on Sunday 31st October 2010.
*If you feature the giveaway on your blog, please comment with a link by giveaway closing time, otherwise I won't find the feature and the 5 extra entries won't be granted :(
*The winner will be selected via the fantabulous traditional method of picking a name out of a hat on Monday 1st November 2010!


  1. Hiya Love the pouch and the vintage looking button. I would use it for my jewellery as im always loosing pieces when im away. You could also use as a tissue or money pouch. I love it. xx

  2. I would love to win your lovely pouch! Don't forget I have a giveaway running on my blog at the moment too x

  3. Hi, love the pouch, really pretty. I think I'd use it like you, to keep handy for any treasures and bits abd pieces I come across - it would certainly save them getting lost at the bottom of my bag......... Already following your blog and realy enjoy it. Kerry

  4. Hi
    What a lovely pouch! I think I would use it either for my eyeliner pencils (but I would be worried about spoiling it) or maybe all the Murano heart beads that I love making jewellery with. In fact, definitely the latter. It would look so cool when I show customers which beads I have available to make commissions x

  5. Your work is always so beautiful!

    I would use your pouch as a place to keep my sanity. ;)

  6. I would either use the pouch for all the business cards I pick up from craft fairs or for my passport. I love your tattered dresses. They're very feminine and have a delicate yet resilient feel.

  7. I'd love to keep the little miscellany things like a lipstick, a small powder brush, little mirror, etc. that rattle around currently in my purse. Seems like such a pretty little way of keeping it all together! :)

  8. Off-subject - sorry!
    But CONGRATULATIONS for the interview feature on UK Handmade, really enjoyed reading about your route to where you are now :)

  9. Hi, just passed by via Lorrie! Have joined the followers and will definitely be dropping by again! If I won this beautiful pouch I think I would just have it next to my bed with my little 'miracle' journal in so I would see it before I went to sleep and first thing when I woke up!

  10. I think this pouch is so sweet, effortlessly feminine and vintage, I would keep my notebook and pencil in it for when I’m list making, a activity that can happen anytime or place with me, or when travelling id use it to keep safe my jewellery.. :-)

  11. Hello! Just found your blog via UK Handmade. You have some lovely creative offerings. Looks like I rocked up at a perfect time, eh? These pouches are so cute! I would keep mine in my handbag to keep all my bits and bobs together in one place instead of floating around in the mess that is my bag.
    Have a lovely day

  12. This pouch is super cute! I am new to this blog but it looks super cute. :)

  13. What a great pouch! I would use it to keep jewelry, I think. I hate losing one earring (which I always seem to do!)

  14. looking forward to monday! I love this pouch x

  15. What a cute pouch! I'd use it as a passport holder :)
    Anyway, thanks for having this great giveaway♥


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