Thursday, 14 April 2011

And the Winner is..

First of all I want to say thank you all for your fab entries, all of the looks sound absolutely fabulous and I wish I had a jacket for all of you! Now then, after a slight hiccup over the last deadline date (and a big hole in my pocket for a new PC), we have a winner for the Vintage Jacket! 

Congratulations to Sevgi Ky. Look after it, won't you! Please email your postal address to and I will get it in the post asap!

PS: Remember, you have until the end of April to enter my other giveaway!


  1. That side-buttoned jacket has a quaint feel to it- very classy in its color and design.

  2. This vintage jacket could really be paired with a dress of a neutral color.

  3. This will look good on any items you prefer to match. Choose the right color as well.


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