Saturday, 31 July 2010

Flowers in the Attic

I just thought I'd show a couple of examples of a collection I've been working on.
It's called 'Flowers in the Attic', and is inspired the wonderful but haunting Novel by Virginia Andrews.

This has been an ongoing project for around a year now, I've spent a lot of time sourcing the perfect materials so that I can do the best I possibly can. And now I think I've finished my sourcing, I'm ready to complete the collection!

The collection will consist of vintage and vintage style floral fabrics mixed with cream, ivory and peach tones, mixed with a little bit of lace here and there to create a collection of pretty garments suitable for day or eveningwear.

I'm determined to have a collection of one-offs finished at some point in the future!

The above dress was reconstructed out of a pleated lightweight cotton skirt and using a vintage 1970's caravan curtain to create the bodice. The back fastens with two rows of lace and ties in a pretty bow. The skirt zips up at the side and ties at the waist in a matching fabric.

This dress consists of a pretty textured floral bodice, finished off with a light-weight poly/cotton mix skirt with a tiny delicate floral pattern. Fastening in a similar fashion to the first dress but with a vintage scarf instead of lace, the halter-neck straps tie at the back of the neck and the skirt zips at the back.
Photography by me, Louise Knight
Modelled by the fabulous Rachael Holmes


  1. your creations are so delicate! beautiful work!

  2. I like the dresses, are you selling them?? let me know, I would like to wear something inspired by FITA ( that looks beautiful, of course ;)

  3. Hi Corina, thank you for your comment.
    Unfortunately I won't be selling any handmade clothing until I'm 100% educated on the current laws for selling handmade clothing here in the UK (labelling, fabric content etc).

    It is definitely something I'm looking to do in the future, so when I take the big step to selling clothing I will be blogging all about it and the 'Flowers in the Attic' collection will definitely be amongst those for sale :)

    Thank you so much for your interest X


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