Sunday, 31 August 2014

Photos at Goodwood

Miss Miller and I ventured out to the woods at Goodwood. This particular trip was supposed to be Nat's day.. I wasn't supposed to be shooting, I was supposed to be helping but then we found this creepy area of part built shelters and then this happened.  
Seriously, I love it when we do this. Every photo-outing together is different, but usually goes a little something like this:
  • Have one goal in mind. 
  • Plan entire trip around said goal.
  • embark on journey.
  • Shoot something entirely different. 
I have so much love for this girl, she keeps me motivated and inspired. We bounce ideas off of each other and although a lot of my ideas are completely ridiculous, she gets it and manages to somehow keep a straight face whilst we attempt said ridiculous shoot, whether or not it works out. 
She's the number one reason I still find the time for photography (and by this I mean, actually get out and shoot something for fun and not work-related). It's not that I don't want to, I love taking photos and I truly miss the 'old days' where I would shoot self portraits weekly, or set up a photoshoot just for the sake of creating beautiful pictures, but finding the time around everything else can be hard - I seriously need to schedule some time in to do this more often!

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