Sunday, 29 September 2013

Supplies, Vintage and Stuff!

It's been a crazy hectic time here these past few weeks! Since moving the studio again (and then again, after that.. phew) I've had to drastically down-size to make room for the things I really need and so have opened my very own supply store on Etsy with the intention of de-stashing my.. rather large stash! It's so hard letting go of some things but I know I'll probably never use them, and unfortunately 'probably never' isn't 'probably will' and thus I have to let it go. *sigh*. My inner hoarder is screaming at me to keep everything but I just can't!

Here's a little selection of what's on offer. From beads, findings, vintage sewing and knitting patterns, fabric, leather off-cuts and even vintage clothing! I'm very happy to find that there are people out there who want my de-stash stuff, and so long as there is demand, I shall deliver.

Happy browsing ♥

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