Tuesday, 5 February 2013


WHAT! February already? 2013 is going so fast and with my tax return having taken up pretty much all of January I'm excited to get started on new things. To kick things off I just had to share what I've been doing this afternoon because it's way too cute not to. Meet Fox - how sweet is he? He's not finished yet but I had to post a quick photo! All hand drawn, cut and sanded, he needs a bit of varnish and he'll be good to go to a new home (unless he permanently attaches himself to a chain around my neck, fine by me!). The start of a new collection? Maybe!
On another note, exciting times - I logged onto Etsy today to find that one of my leather bound books was featured on the front page yesterday and as a result someone snapped it up super quick! Below is the treasury in question, lots of beautiful items in there to peruse if you have the time. I'm excited to say I've bought a bunch of new materials for more books so they should be ready for the shop in no time. New colours for Spring yey!


  1. Oh I love those leather bound books! I must keep an eye open for your new ones!

  2. Thanks Ellie! I'll be sure to update once I've made some, making some as we speak actually! :)


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