Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Becki Button Love ♥

This post is long overdue but there is no better time to post than today. Let me get this straight - I LOVE receiving packages in the mail. Even boring supplies that most of the time I've forgotten I bought, I just love it. And I love it even more when I flip the package over and it has Becki's address on the back! This girl is far too good to me and I have had so many goodies from her over the past couple of years she is deserving of an enormous package from me some time soon! So this post is dedicated to the lovely lovely Becki Button and her utter creative awesomeness.

I received this today out of the blue. Just in time for my favourite season - Spring ♥ HOW CUTE IS THIS? It's a laser cut lamb necklace complete with white felt woolly fluffiness!
Excuse the non-make-upped face, I was so excited to upload this I didn't have time to spruce myself up for the photo!

AND because I like multi-purpose type stuff, flip the little guy over and you have a black sheep too! Aren't I clever! Becki told me I need to give him a name. So. I will call him..Lennie Lamb. Say hi Lennie.
Cue aweful lop-sided moody black sheep self portrait. (bahhh)
And that's not all she sent me. No no no! A few weeks ago I revieved these amazing stamp badges that I'd been raving about for ages, so she made me some along with some map badges. Well, not just some. Twenty-five cute little badges so I can pin them to everything! 
Along with some other goodies including but not limited to this cool laser-cut meh pendant. Meh is a word I use far too often, usually when I either A) don't know the answer to something, or B) when I'm confused (which is often a lot). So this is rather fitting really. It's since been attached to chain so I can wear it when I'm feeling meh-y.
Photo ©Becki button
I've also been the proud reciever of one of her super lovely button bracelets created especially for me in my favourite pastel colour palette. I will aim to upload a pic soon but for now it is in my treasure trove full of costume jewellery which has been placed in the depths of our attic during our house move! All of these as well as various laser cut coolness (fennec fox necklace, anyone? Jackalope brooch, anyone?), crafty supplies and other such fabby things - this girl is so damn creative! When I asked her to create a one-off name necklace for my animal loving little sister and she did an amazing job, finished off with cute critter charms and everything!

Anyway. This post is for you Becki, thank you for being so lovely ♥


  1. A whole blog post about me! Thank you for being so lovely :) *blush*

  2. I could definitely wear one of those Meh pendants. Who doesn't love meh?

    I adore those map badges. So much. <3

  3. That's right Becki, a WHOLE post all about you! :D It's a shame I don't have all my goodies from you in one place or it would have been a photo-chunky post!

    Thank's Angie, the map badges are gorgeous! (as is everything Becki sends me) :)

  4. Hello ;) I came over from Etsy UK and became a follower ;). Love the button badges! Best wishes, Asia ;)


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