Thursday, 30 June 2011

New peg bag for Mummykins.

This is the last bunting-related post for a while, I promise (maybe)!

A couple of weeks ago Mummykins asked if I could make her a spangly new peg bag as hers had seen better days. I took up the challenge as I had a spare evening and it turned out to be a very simple make, I just traced around the top of the hanger, marked the centre, decided how long it should be, chopped, stitched. Easy-peasy and I didn't even need to fuss around making a pattern, these are always the *best* projects.

I used the same concept as my bunting note cards and cut out some triangles from scraps to sew on the front to add a bit of decoration, added some bias-binding and this is how it turned out:

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  1. this is so cute, yet so simple! very well done, lovely work :) x


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